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Key Programming

It seems that in today’s society, owning a car is a priority. This is understandable; being able to travel to important business Bradfords with the least inconvenience is crucial to businesspeople. Despite its popularity however, cars still remain an enigma to most car owners. Most owners remain unaware of some of the simpler features of their car. This may be disastrous to both the vehicle and owner when an accident happens. Being prepared and understanding a car’s basic functions can save the owner unnecessary stress.

An example of a basic car feature is the car key. Knowing how the key works is integral to any car owner. In the past, a single key had the potential to gain access to a variety of cars of the same model. This became outdated due to the great risk of car theft. To meet the demands of the population, car manufacturers began to create specialized car keys that are unique to each car. Similar to a fingerprint, each car key manufactured could only open one specific car. This used to be limited to keys with a different set of teeth. By designing and changing the patterns of teeth in the keys, car manufacturers hoped to increase the security of the car. This was successful in the first couple of years, but with the rapid growth of technology (not to mention the developed skill of some car thieves to be able to file a standard key into a key that could match your car’s lock), manufacturers had to adapt to more sophisticated methods of protecting the owner from car theft. This led to the creation of car keys that use transponder chips that are programmed within the memory of the immobilizer of the car. These chips are unique to each key and immobilizer and unlike past car keys, are more difficult to duplicate.

Over time it is possible that owners may need to replace their key. For cars that use the modern type of keys previously mentioned, it is necessary to have a new car key designed. After a new set is made, owners would have to reprogram the immobilizer. This is a two-step process. First, the immobilizer’s memory will be deleted so the previous key will no longer be accepted (this is especially relevant if the key was stolen). Then, the immobilizer will have a new memory installed in order to have the new key accepted. This operation must be done with pinpoint precision and accuracy in order to avoid damage to the car.

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